Mar 24 2015

Rainbow Mystery [MAC]

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Rainbow Mystery [MAC]|12 MB

Help Lily bring life and color into the Rainbow world, which is tainted by an evil spell. Solve puzzles on your way while keeping an eye out for power-ups. With stunning graphics, amazing animations, and 3 game modes, Rainbow Mystery is bursting with fun! Rainbow Mystery is bursting with fun!
70 levels.
3 gameplay modes.
Lots of power-ups and bonuses.


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*note this game is for Mac OS

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24 March 2015 16:11 EDITOR 
I do not have a mac but I have some mac games I been collecting on various hard drives.

these games were not taken from other forums, they belonged to a friend of mine that passed away.

if there is demand for these I will post more!

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24 March 2015 17:38 VIP Member 
Thank you very much!! RAZZ!!!!!!!!!