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Aug 16 2015

FLOW-3D CAST Advanced 4.0.3-SSQ

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FLOW-3D CAST Advanced 4.0.3-SSQ
FLOW-3D CAST Advanced 4.0.3-SSQ | 437 MB

Flow Science announced that it has released a new version of FLOW-3D Cast, is a special version of FLOW-3D designed specifically for metal casting process simulation. It combines an easy-to-use interface with the powerful solver capabilities of FLOW-3D.

FLOW-3D Cast is designed specifically for modeling a wide range of casting processes and includes the relevant components required to provide a full design solution. It combines an intuitive user interface that uses a progressive approach to guide users to completion with the powerful FLOW-3D solver to deliver accurate predictions of filling and solidification-related defects. FLOW-3D Cast is available in three package levels so that companies with varying needs can select the product most suited to their process and their budget.

FLOW-3D Cast consists of a full flow and thermal solution for both the cast alloy and the die or mold. Simulations of filling and solidification using FLOW-3D Cast provides important insight into a casting process. This understanding helps identify problems with a design to increase yield and reduce the time required to perform physical design iterations. All this leads to production of quality parts in less time, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and profits. As a versatile simulation tool, FLOW-3D Cast can also enable companies to save time when deploying new casting processes or alloys.

A major release, FLOW-3D Cast 4.0 provides you many new tools to improve your castings, including:

- Thermal stress model to enable you to model stresses and deformations in solid and solidified parts in response to pressure forces
- Multiple improvements to your ability to model cooling channels in your dies
- Improved capabilities for modeling the generation of gasses from sand cores
- Several new numerical options that enable faster simulation times
- A new Simulation Manager function in the graphical user interface, allowing you to manage your simulations better, both before and as they run, and to visualize the progress of your simulations
- Improvements to the user interface that make setting up your simulation much easier and more intuitive
- A new state-of-the-art postprocessor, FlowSight, capable of analyzing your results in ways that were not previously possible
- Ability to run on the Linux operating system

FLOW-3D Cast 4.0.3 aims to further streamline your simulation workflows by enabling you to more quickly set up simulations, avoid common errors, identify and enter missing data, and postprocess results to produce critical and useful information faster.

About Flow Science, Inc.

Flow Science, Inc. is a privately-held software company specializing in transient, free-surface CFD modeling software for industrial and scientific applications worldwide. Flow Science has distributors for FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D Cast, FLOW-3D/MP and FLOW-3D ThermoSET sales and support in nations throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Flow Science’s headquarters is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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