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Mar 01 2018

Rapidfileshare 1 year for $45 ending soon!!

Rapidfileshare 1 year for $45 ending soon!!

hey everyone!!

I just wanted to pop in here and let you you that the Rapidfileshare year for only $45 deal is ending soon. I am unsure what the price will be later on it but it is more than $90 a year for some of the other popular hosts that are used here on and $45 is less than 1/2 that price!!

I will add more information when I have it but I know that $45 a year is a darn good price, that is less than $4 a month!!

for all your support!!

filefactory and rapidgator charge more than 2 times what rapidfileshare charges , you could buy one for a friend and still have money to take them out for a coffee too!

If you are set to renew soon or just want to lock in another year for a great price better get up on it!!

make sure you have created a free user account from this link: so razz gets credit for the deal as well!

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Comments (4)



1 March 2018 02:42 VIP Member 
Thanks for the heads up


1 March 2018 16:23 VIP Member 
Thank You. Well worth it. I appreciate all your sharing and downloads.


11 March 2018 22:28 Member
Thank you.


15 March 2018 04:14 Member
I jumped on it like a June bug!
But........I did notice recently that the site is up for sale. Hope that doesn't wind up biting us in the butt!


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