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MAR 01 2018

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Sep 11 2015

Layers of Fear [Early Access] Build 20150908

Layers of Fear [Early Access] Build 20150908

Release name: Layers.of.Fear.Early.Access.Build.20150908.Cracked-3DM | Size: 964.5MB
Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Bloober Team SA | Developer: Bloober Team SA

Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror that will keep you on-edge for the reminder of the game. Delve deep into the mind of an insane painter and discover the secret of his madness, as you walk through a constantly shifting house.

Heavily inspired by the masterpiece paintings from the past centuries, and the architecture and décor from the XIX century. Layers of Fear is a truly unique experience, where each move of the camera can change your surroundings.

Layer by layer uncover the visions, fears and horrors that entwine the protagonist and finish the masterpiece he has strived so long to create.

Game Features:
- A psychedelic horror game where each turn of the camera may change the look of your surroundings.
- Deep insight into the madness that entwines a human being.
- Inspired by the masterpiece paintings from the past centuries, and the architecture and décor from the XIX century.
- A thick atmosphere that will make you feel on-edge throughout the whole game.

Layers of Fear [Early Access] Build 20150908

Layers of Fear [Early Access] Build 20150908
Aug 28 2015

Iggy's Egg Adventure

Iggy's Egg Adventure

Release Name: Iggys.Egg.Adventure-HI2U | Size: 837 MB
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie | Developer: Ginger Labs LLC | Publisher: Ginger Labs LLC

Iggy’s Egg Adventure is a prehistoric platformer 75 million years in the making. You play as Iggy, a baby Velociraptor who must rescue his mother from her evil caveman captors, while collecting as many of her eggs as you can along the way. Iggy’s Egg Adventure has a classic platform feel with stylized 3D graphics on a modern gaming engine.

This baby dino isn’t alone. Play through the game as Terry, Perry, Patrick, and Phredrick, four other dinos with their own unique skills. Fly through the air as Terry, spit acid as Phrederick, bash some skulls with Patrick, and try not to run screaming as Perry in a new way to play.

  • Unleash the Beast: Okay well maybe “beast” is a bit much for this little guy, but don’t underestimate those claws! Bite, sprint, and leap your way through dozens of enemies and obstacles in your quest to save Iggy’s mother and reclaim her stolen eggs.
  • The Vast World: They didn’t call it a supercontinent for nothing. Explore over 18 levels of awesome dino action in 6 different zones including the Plains, Jungle, Arctic and more!
  • Like a Boss: Bosses, you want them, Iggy’s got them. Face off against a Bull Pachy, Giant Scorpion, and a bunch of other tough muddas that are sure to put your skills to the test.
  • Time Attack: Test your skills against the clock in “Time Attack” mode for each level and earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold eggs based on your results.
  • Secret Eggs: Find and collect hidden eggs throughout the world to unlock characters and costumes in game.
  • Costumes: More eggs equal more ways to play. Unlock new outfits for your characters by collecting the hidden eggs scattered throughout the game.
  • Controllers Encouraged: Iggy was designed to play like the classic platformers we all grew up with; Iggy plays best with a controller, so plug in a Microsoft® Xbox 360 or other compatible controller and get platforming!
  • Rockin’ Beats: Enjoy Iggy’s original soundtrack, inspired by classic platformer music, with a modern twist. Check it out at Fat Bard’s website


Iggy's Egg Adventure

Iggy's Egg Adventure
Aug 28 2015

Fran Bow

Fran Bow

Release name: Fran.Bow-SKIDROW | Size: 732MB
Publisher: Killmonday Games HB | Developer: Killmonday Games HB | Genre: Adventure, Indie

Fran Bow is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny.

* Story driven creepy psychological horror adventure game.
* Unique and peculiar hand drawn 2D Art-Style and 2D animation.
* Self administer medication to open the terrible hidden world that will help solve puzzles and find objects.
* A big variety of puzzles designed with different levels of difficulty and specifically based on the story.
* Three arcade inspired mini-games all with different art style to be part of the transitions in the story.
* Interactive and occasionally playable pet cat, Mr Midnight.
* 50+ interactive unique characters with unique personalities.
* Original Soundtrack.


Fran Bow

Fran Bow
Aug 27 2015

Forward to the Sky

Release name: | Size: 368MB
Publisher: Animu Game | Developer: Animu Game | Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG

Reveal the story of the sky tower! Forward to the Sky is a third person action adventure game in the sky tower ruin. You are going to collect all the crystal pieces to connect the story and everything will be revealed once Princess reaches the top level.

Puzzle platforming, a game features a mixture of puzzles, action and adventure. Relaxing mood, bright art, adventurous but peaceful music, simple control and combat. A game everyone are able to finish and provides additional fun of difficulty to hardcore players.
There are 6 unique levels to be explored. Battle the elements, run through the traps and play with interactive mechanisms to solve the puzzles. Find your path to discover the story in the sky!


Aug 25 2015

Evoland 2 [FINAL]

Evoland 2 [FINAL]

Release Name: Evoland.2-RELOADED | Size: 456MB
Developer: Shiro Games | Publisher: Shiro Games | Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG

The world of Shelter 2 is growing. Mountains is an add-on package that introduces a vast new highland area and a strong new fauna that can act as both predators and prey.

The Lynx mother Inna and her cubs discovers a new area on their journey. A vast mountain landscape where dense lowland forests leads up to the vistas of the mountain tops. But they are not alone on the high peaks. The fauna here blurs the line between predators and prey, and the Lynx family must use both wits and agility to overcome the challenges of this new world.

* A vast mountain area to explore. High peaks and dense lowlands makes the journey go vertically
* Foxes, bears, and birds of prey now populate all parts of the world. Certain animals acts as both prey and predator
* New secrets and hidden areas to explore
* 2 new pieces of original music
* New weather effects and 4 new lighting schemes. A rich winter evening, a misty autumn, and cold spring and a vivid summer palette
* New collectables and achievements as well as a new unlockable Lynx skin


Evoland 2 [FINAL]

Aug 23 2015

The Inner World [FINAL]

The Inner World [FINAL]|1209 MB

The mysterious world of Asposia is located in an enormous and physics defying hollow space and ventilated solely through three big wind fountains. When the wind farms cease working, Robert, a shy court musician and Laura, a mysterious thief; along with a whole host of other bizarre and interesting characters must solve the mystery of the wind's disappearance.

Main features:
Solve tricky puzzles, meet the weird and wonderful Asposians. Can the young adventurers save the world? What are Laura's secrets? And why does Robert have such a strange nose?
Includes full soundtrack
Enjoy the digital encyclopedia of Asposia
Extremely funny dialogue with bizarre characters
Hand-made and hand-drawn world

Aug 22 2015

Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal [Steam Edition]

Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal [Steam Edition]

Release name: Zanzarah.The.Hidden.Portal.Steam.Edition-HI2U | Size: 859MB
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment | Developer: Funatics Software | Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
After years of waiting, this legendary classic and beloved fan favorite finally comes to Steam!
The game has been optimized to run on steam and modern operation systems up to Windows 8. The gameplay and core experience of the classic Zanzarah was left untouched.
***Incompatibility with notebooks (FPS drops in the menu): Set your screen resolution to a modus with 32 bit color depth***

Zanzarah – The Hidden Portal is an amazingly enjoyable adventure game brought to life by a vividly visualized and elaborately produced world. The story revolves around a young girl named Amy who escapes to the magical world of Zanzarah.
There she is charged with merging the fairytale kingdom with the real world, saving it from destruction. Help her to use magical powers and items to collect and train fairies and demons. Use your creatures in fast-paced battles to defeat the evil that defiles Zanzarah.

* Rich and fantastical game world
* Collect, train and organize fairies and demons for magic duels
* 77 different fairies and demons, 12 different elements
* Action-based combat system
* Includes the fantastical original soundtrack


Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal [Steam Edition]
Aug 18 2015

CO-OP : Decrypted

CO-OP : Decrypted

Release name: Co-Op.Decrypted-HI2U | Size: 597MB
Publisher: Pixelz Games | Developer: Pixelz Games | Genre: Adventure, Indie

R3D is activated in what appears to be a recycling facility. He is subjected to some functionality tests under the surveillance of the factory’s drones. While following their instructions, his receptors connect with BLU3’s; another robot that seems to share R3D’s unwilling fate. Together, they must cooperate to free themselves from their captors and escape from the “recycling” facility.

Local co-op
Two robots with unique powers
Full dynamic lighting and physical objects
Steam achievements
Unlockabale content
Different levels of difficulty that change gameplay elements
Original soundtrack

CO-OP : Decrypted

Aug 16 2015

Aero's Quest [FINAL]

Aero's Quest [FINAL]|148 MB

Lead Aero in his quest to save his beloved Ariella from the evil Andraus. Aero’s Quest is a fast-paced, challenging puzzle-platformer that takes the best of late ’80s retro gaming goodness, and rolls it up in a delicious contemporary wrapper.

The game features 101 levels full of challenging puzzles and full of platforms divided in 10 different sub-zones, special levels, boss fight, power ups, normal mode and speedrun mode for fast challenges against the time, option to save game and records, in-game rewards and 13 Steam Achievements plus many other options.
Press said that Aero’s Quest is where Super Meat Boy meets Megaman.

Aug 16 2015

Tuk Ruk [FINAL]

Tuk Ruk [FINAL]
Tuk Ruk [FINAL]

Tuk Ruk [FINAL]

Tuk Ruk [FINAL]|272.5 MB

A fast-paced 2D action/puzzle platformer with four different playable characters. The grandson of Lost Vikings and Lemmings.
Use the unique skills of the four characters as you explore the jungle, tracking down the absent-minded ZOOKS and guiding them to safety.
The jungle contains a many plants with special effects along with the GUZ-GUZ, who really don't like it when you invade their space. Get the ZOOKS out and finish the level before nightfall, when the WUMPIRE bats come out to play... They just love juicy TUKRUK!

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